Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Goods

This is a list of six things we are allowed to take to the Matai islands ( which aren't real). These things were decided based on needs of survival, and how to set up and sustain an environment suitable to live in, keeping in mind that there are 30 other people bringing their own 6 items.

1. Breeding pair of cows, prefferably those that naturally produce A2 milk.
2. A large working wooden cart/wagon capable of being pulled along baring full load by a 11-12 year old.
3. Plenty of seeds to grow different types of vegetables
4. A large Toolkit with everything from hammers and nails to shovels and saws
5. medication
6. Breeding pair of Sheep

1 comment:

  1. Good choices! What sort of medication would be useful?
    Name your breeds of sheep and cattle please and say why you chose those breeds.
    Well done!