Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Job

Everyone on our island has to have a proffession in which they can get deeply stuck in to, and is ideal to have a job/profession that helps the island be an eco friendly and sustainable environment to live in.
I have chosen to be a... i don't what its called. Somebody who mines clay, moulds clay, sellls moulded clay, and one large area which is really great for eco housing: adobe bricks. they are an excellent natural building resource which is made from easy to get materials. they are soil, sand, clay (ideally the soil is mixed with the clay [i think]). And to fire the clay so it stays in its solid state permanently, I can make a kiln using adobe bricks and straw. This way we don't have to cut down half the trees in our forest for building materials. Of course, we just might run out of clay after a lot of time. It can be found in the ground, usually about 60cm> under the ground.

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  1. That is a very sensible choice - I look forward to seeing your presentation. Will you use a Powerpoint as resource to refer to or something else?
    Let me know when you find out what your job is called.