Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco House

When designing a house there are 5 important things - Floor, Roof, Wall, Door, and Windows.
The Wall is simple. I will use Adobe bricks. If you look at my previous post titled "My Job"
You will see that my profession revolves around clay, which can be used to make adobe bricks. to make adobe bricks, see this link here. For the floor, I will use wood. I know this will eat away at our trees, but i will use bamboo floors. The roof will be made of Adobe as well, but not brick. it will just be smooth and flat. The doors will be entirely made out of wood. For the handle and hinges we will import iron from Mr. Devoy's island, and hire especially trained peoples to fit them. And finally, for the windows I will use double glazed Glass that slides up into the adobe brick wall, with two adjustable things halfway up the window that can stop the window from sliding back down.

for blankets and rugs etc. you could use the wool from sheep. ( i decided to bring breeding sheep with me to the island as one of my six things

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  1. Brilliant - it is so much more interesting to read your words rather than copy and pasted Wikipedia guff. :-)
    I'm delighted you thought to bring sheep for use as a resource.
    Keep up the good work!